Gentleman Cat Observations

Garrus and Charlie are true gentlemen cats. They share their food and water politely and courteously take turns playing with toys. During “catch the red dot” time, one would chase-chase-pounce back and forth across the room while the other would watch with interest. After a few chases, they would switch, touching noses and entwining tails before the bystander cat got in the game. And when excited, Charlie chirps and squeaks! It’s adorable.

Also, this:

Me: Here’s a soft towel for you, my handsome boys. I’ll put it here next to your hidey spot, OK?

Garrus: Thanks, human. I’m good though. I already have my spot on the chair.

Charlie: Oh THANK YOU human, I’m so grateful for the thing I can smell and flop on…*big slow blinks* PURR.

Me: Charlie, you do realize that there’s a fleecy bed over here too, right?

Charlie: OH YES. The fleecy thing pleases me too! It is soft and kind of box-shaped. PURR.

Garrus: Indeed, it pleases me as well. Is it nap time now? *tail hug*

Boudicca, on the other hand, simply flops when presented with a wriggly toy. Googly cat is intensely googly.


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