Vet Trip for Garrus

Although Garrus was not happy about being put in a carrier and taken to the vet, he was surprisingly well-behaved. Even though he was scared, his meow was quiet and polite in the car, as if saying “Excuse me. I do not like this. Could you please let me out?” At the vet he didn’t fuss. The techs all said he was a gentleman.

I was worried that Garrus would hide and not want to see me after he came home from the vet. After he had lunch and a nap, he calmly strolled out when I came to visit, headbutted me twice (!), and sat down with his front paws on his ribbon toy as a way of “requesting” a play session. We’ve had two play sessions, one with the ribbon toy and another with the laser pointer. Long cat is long, scampery, and pouncy, and he carried the ribbon toy into his bed with him as a prize.


Update NB: I took Garrus to the vet to ascertain any underlying cause for his obvious weight loss and poor appetite. It turned out that his teeth were in terrible shape and caused him a lot of pain. He ended up getting dental surgery with five teeth extractions. Poor baby! His mouth healed very well and we transitioned him from wet food to kitten kibble, as that has higher protein and fat content than typical adult formulas. He’ll be on the kitten kibble until he gains about 2 lbs of weight. The down side is that the other two cats, especially Boudicca, really want his food and try to steal it!


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