Exciting News

Today I received a call from the animal shelter. Someone put in an application for Tink.

However, as foster parents, we get first dibs. Furthermore, Aaron and I filled out a “placeholder” application for them when we agreed to foster them; this was just in case we wanted to adopt them in the long run.

At this point we’ve had them as fosters for two weeks. We wanted to continue fostering them for a bit longer in order to truly assess how and if they integrate into our household and get along with Boudicca. We wanted to be sure that we were the right people for these cats and the cats being right for us.

I called Aaron and discussed this development with him. Taking a cat, let alone two, into one’s household should not be an impulse decision.

Aaron’s response: “It was my idea to take them home. Let’s do it.”

So it’s official. We’ve adopted Garrus (formerly Aristotle) and Charlie (formerly Tink) from the Pflugerville Animal Shelter!

How are they reacting to the news? Zzzzz…

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