Each cat uses different tactics to elicit affection, especially scritches, from humans. Here’s what mine do:

  1. Cat-Dog (Boudicca): Comes to you when you call and seeks you out when you don’t. Soaks up adoration like a sponge. Gives you a big reward (loud purr, lots of snuggles, air biscuits, kneading). Doesn’t want you to stop. Very insistent about lap time and visits with all humans present. Talks a lot.
  2. Quiet Appreciator (Garrus): May seek you out for scritches but may take his time thinking about it. Gives tail hugs and head bunts. Walks in circles around you but won’t get in your lap. Not interested in belly time. Sometimes purrs, sometimes not, mainly to mess with you and keep you coming back. Prefers affection on his terms. Walks away when he’s done.
  3. Playing-Hard-to-Get-Flirt (Charlie): Hides when you enter a room but remains visible. Gives you slow blinks and may talk but won’t move closer. If you reach toward him, you get a robust appreciative purr even before you even pet him. If you start petting him, he flops over, shows you his tummy (and it’s not a trap), wriggles, and sashays around you. Then wants you to play with him but also wants the toys to come to him.

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