Saturday Morning Chores

Cats react to commonplace occurrences in entirely different ways. It’s hilarious.

When we’ve sorted laundry into piles on the floor:

Boudicca: I’m intensely concerned! What is happening?

Charlie: I’m a bit concerned. Should I hide? Should I investigate the laundry conveniently placed on the floor? Is this a cue for scampering?

Garrus: Oh. There are clothes on the floor. Interesting. *sniff* Humans are moving around. *steps aside* Beg your pardon.

When we return home after grocery shopping:

Boudicca: Zzzzz.

Charlie: Aahh! The garage door opening! I must hide from the strange sound!

Garrus: Pardon? I was sleeping. *looks around* Oh, our human caretakers are transporting food and supplies into our living quarters. This is acceptable.

When the vacuuming starts:


Boudicca: I concur as I am INTENSELY concerned! I must find a safe spot where the vacuum monster cannot reach me!

Garrus: Um, excuse me, that appliance is loud. I am mildly concerned but I do not think it can harm me. I am safe in my bed.

When we strip the bed of sheets:

Boudicca, Garrus, Charlie: For WHY can we not sleep there? If we are not supposed to curl up on it, why is it made of comfy-ness? We would like to file a formal complaint that you are disrupting our regularly scheduled nap time.

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