Introducing the Clowder

As I said in my welcome post, I have a little clowder consisting of three cats. Here are mini-bios for them with corresponding photos:

  1. Boudicca. 17 years old. Tuxedo. Sweet, lovey, and very googly. Cat-dog due to growing up alongside two Miniature Schnauzers. Queen of the household. Chose me as her person at the ASPCA. IMG_0040.JPG
  2. Garrus. 6 years old. Like the Mass Effect video game character he’s named for, he’s tall, skinny, and grey. Gentleman cat. Introvert. Somewhat doglike. First foster cat.IMG_1250.JPG
  3. Charlie. 2 years old. Very handsome grey spotted tabby. Super playful, friendly, and squeaky but can be skittish, timid, and hidey. Second foster cat. IMG_1270.JPG

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