Happy Black Cat Day!

NB: In the UK, National Black Cat Day takes place on October 30.

I volunteer at the Pflugerville Animal Shelter in the cat room. In my experience, black cats are frequently overlooked in favor of lighter colored cats. (Similarly, kittens are favored over adult cats, often leaving adult cats over the age of 8 without homes.) Each cat, appearance aside, has a distinct personality and this isn’t correlated with their coloring. Some cats are reserved, others playful, and still others attention sponges. It’s not fair to assume that one type of cat, such as black cats, are less friendly than others just because of the color of their fur.

Personally, I LOVE black cats (that includes tuxedo kitties)!  Black cats can be aloof just as much as tabbies, calicos, Siamese, Maine Coons, and Persians–and they can be just as loving, talkative, and adorable!

I’m so grateful that I adopted Boudicca from the Dallas ASPCA 17 years ago. (Or rather, she chose me and I just acquiesced and took her home!) She’s my adorable snuggle bug and queen of the house.

Be sure to give your house panther(s) extra love today!

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