National Cook For Your Pets Day

Did you know that there was such a holiday? Now you do. That’s one of the services I offer here at Purry Home Companion!

One special thing you can do for your furry friend is make sure their diet is meeting their needs. Have you checked with your vet to assure that your pet’s diet is healthy? Is your pet at a healthy weight? If your pet is very young or a senior, they may benefit from age-appropriate vitamins and other nutrients. Read the ingredients list on the bag of your pet’s food. Is it made with mostly fillers and by-products? Do some research and ask your vet if you’re considering transitioning your pet to a different type of food. 

If you do cook a meal for your pet, do research first as there are a number of items that are healthy for humans but can spell disaster for pets. A few of these are chocolate, caffeine, onions, avocados, dairy, garlic, tomato leaves and stems, fat trimmings, grapes, macadamias, mushrooms, persimmons, raw eggs, raw meat, sugary foods, and yeast dough. Ask your vet!

Whether your consider your pet to be part of the family or this weird roommate that sheds all over everything, take care of your fur people. (Keep in mind that dogs have masters while cats have staff.) Pets give us so much love, amusement, snuggles, and joy. The least you can do is give them a (healthy) treat! 

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