Naked Girl

On the way home from the vet, Boudicca started talking a LOT, and her meows became frantic. Then we realize she peed on herself in the carrier. She had never done that before and she was clearly freaking out about it. Commence dealing with medium-sized cat disaster. Ugh.

Aaron’s Cat Whisperer side comes out when he has to bathe cats. It’s utterly adorable. Although Boudicca was not happy about the situation, she did behave herself and didn’t struggle too much while getting bathed. He talked very sweetly to our googly girl the whole time he gave her an oatmeal shampoo bath, got her all clean, and dried her off.

Of course, as part of the process he took her collar off and washed that too. A few hours after her bath, I heard Aaron casually remark, “I have a naked girl over here.”

[me from the other room] “What?! I am not naked!”

“Boudicca…she looks naked without her collar.”

After I stopped laughing, I had to agree.


Life with cats and cat parents for you ladies and gentlemen!

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