I Think He Likes Me

Earlier today Charlie did something ridiculously cute. He found me in the bathroom before I shut the door. Apparently I am not supposed go to by myself, so he brought me his brown fuzzy mouse toy. He left it in the doorway then scampered off. I couldn’t help but giggle.

IMG_2130Charlie: Look Mom! I brought you a present!

Me: Oh really! Just what I always wanted!

Charlie: *scampers off* Play?

Me: *tosses the toy down the hallway*

Charlie: YAY it’s play time! *scamper, scamper, skid, pounce* This is my favorite thing!

Occasionally Charlie will leave his mouse, fuzzy ball, or crinkle ball in my office, the doorway of the bedroom, in the middle of the kitchen floor, under one of the kitchen table chairs, or near the bathroom door. While he may have simply stopped playing with a given toy at that spot, it may very well be his kooky way of reminding us to play with him. He hasn’t figured out how to bring the toy back but he does certainly enjoy it when we throw a toy for him! He’s really cute that way. 


Charlie is a hoot sometimes, especially when he’s full of beans and squeaky. The other day I heard him squeaking up a storm on the other side of the bathroom door. When I opened it, I found him sitting patiently, looking up at me. He held a fuzzy brown toy mouse in his mouth. He stood up, dropped the mouse, and scurried off.

I’m not sure if this was a present for me, his way of showing off his latest prize, or a cheeky invitation to play. When I followed him, he proceeded to zoom around the house. Cats are weird, adorable, and often amusing beyond all reason.